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Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) Advisory Services

Our deep experience in credit also carries over to the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) and the adoption of the new CECL standards. We are able to provide services for all aspects of CECL including:

  • Readiness Assessment – Review your current ALLL process and identify the changes needed to move to the CECL standard.
  • Vendor Selection – Assist with the development of an RFP for CECL, including identifying appropriate vendors all the way through to the selection of a vendor that best meets your needs.
  • Model Construction – Should you decide to build and run your own model, we can assist with the construction.
  • Review and Validation – Our most popular service, we will review your developing CECL model, provide feedback for enhancement, and then validate the model prior to implementation.
  • Validation – After your model is up and running, we will validate it on a periodic basis. This is a continuation of our ALLL model validation service.
  • Credit Engagements – Your unique credit portfolios may require you to conduct additional analysis to determine its behavior through the life cycle of the loan. We bring our experienced team to analyze the behavior in order to determine the Expected Loss (EL) of the portfolio.

SMARTER Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The development and implementation of an effective and efficient ERM program that leverages the good work the financial institution is already doing, develops new and implements missing activities, and pulls it all together, resulting in a value-add to the organization.

SMARTER Enterprise Compliance Management (ECM)

ECM follows the SMARTER ERM approach and works to ensure the responsibility for compliance resides at the Business Unit level. A dashboard, supported by SMARTER Charts, is created to add transparency to individual’s responsibilities and actions.

Risk Management and Quality

Applying metrics and best practices to risk areas within the financial institution to achieve the proper cost/benefit structure.

Risk Based Strategic Planning

A facilitated strategic planning method incorporating risk components into the process. This includes risk based capital planning and management.

Model Validation

Validating models such as ALLL, Credit Scoring/Loan Grading, BSA/AML, DFAST, Stress Testing and others. Using subject matter experts and proven model validation techniques.

CECL Assessment and Implementation Assistance

A structured approach designed to enable financial institutions to effectively and seamlessly enact the reserve process using analysis that complies with CECL requirements.

FDICIA Preparation and Remediation

The SMARTER approach is applied to the FDICIA process.

Regulatory Order Assistance

Assisting and supporting financial institutions as they navigate a regulatory order.

Stress Testing

Developing loan portfolio stress tests for the financial institution to use on a quarterly basis.

Regulatory Order Assistance

Co-sourcing audits in areas such as capital management, BSA and anti-money laundering, etc.

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